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Brick retaining walls give your lawn and home a fresh look with improved lines that are pleasing to the eye, and the wall also helps prevent erosion. Hillsides will eventually begin to slip or erode over time as water drags the soil out from the hillside. A brick retaining wall holds the soil in position and can also keep the ground at the side of the walls’ level.

A brick retaining wall is a hard wall of brick that performs as a barrier between your lawn and the elements. Instead of moisture and water pulling the soil out from the hill and cleaning it away, the wall holds it in place. The wall also has a drainage system of nettle and a pipeline that leads to what is called a weep hole. This prevents overindulgence moisture from putting too much stress on the brick retaining walls and allows drainage during large storms.

Numerous types of brick retaining walls can be built, and nearly all will be defined by the type of brick you use to build retaining wall. A block brick retaining wall is made of huge block bricks that are made of ablaze or solid clay. These have a crescent shaped front side and can be piled without mortar in an overlying fashion. The majority mortar and brick retaining walls use ordinary brick and concrete, and the bricks are also stacked in overlapping fashion.

A brick retaining wall consists of more than a few parts. The first part of the wall is the foundation or footing, and this part is made of mortar or concrete. This lies straight on the ground. The next part of the brick retaining wall is the brick wall, which is protected to the footing with grout. Weep holes that are little sections of pipeline are inserted each few feet along the wall. Depending on how high your wall is. Another drainage system ought to be installed at the side of the wall as part of the hillside, so water can drain toward the weep holes.

A brick retaining wall can be as big as you desire, however, most are about 2 to 4 feet far above the ground, and anywhere from 4 to 30 feet lengthy. How to build a brick retaining wall is a great project, it involves too much effort, and it requires excavating and building. For that reason the distinctive home brick retaining wall is regularly not very fat. Commercially built brick retaining walls can be as far above the ground as 30 feet and as lengthy as a hundred feet or more than that.

If you want to build your own brick retaining wall, consider a few things before starting. First, consider how effective the wall will be in holding in moisture and how efficiently the wall will drain. If you receive a lot of rain, then installing an enhanced and superior drainage system for the wall will be a main concern. You should also think about how large the wall will need to be, in order to be valuable. Building a brick retaining wall is a large project that requires a lot of physical work, so be equipped and organized to take on the project.
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